RAD Examinations

Atkinson Dance Academy students participate in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations.

There are 2 examination sessions per year in Sydney and eligibility is based on both the age of the student and their standard. The sessions are generally held in April-May and October-November.

Exams begin at the Pre-Primary ballet level. Students wishing to be examined at the Primary level or above are required to attend a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week. It is expected that Atkinson Dance Academy students attain the necessary standard to achieve satisfactory examination results. For this reason, additional lessons are held in either school holiday periods or during a weekend prior to the examination dates.

Minimum age requirements for examinations

The Royal Academy of Dance has age requirements in place.
Students must be above the minimum age before completing each exam.

Exam Minimum age
Pre-Primary 5
Primary 6
Grade 1 7
Grade 2 8
Grade 3 9
Grade 4 10
Grade 5 11
Intermediate Foundation 11
Intermediate 12